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Here's a little about me:

Work Intro:

Driven by a fusion of technological acumen and strategic insight, I've got a deep commitment to integrating strategy, software, and innovation for operational optimization and growth. A strong entrepreneurial spirit, guided by lean startup methodologies, has been instrumental in founding successful ventures and impactful organizations.

With a track record of leading diverse teams, managing complex projects, and offering strategic consulting, there's a consistent delivery of impactful business solutions.

Characterized by adaptability, a results-oriented mindset, and a dedication to harnessing technology for solving complex challenges, I'm in alignment with the ethos of innovative and forward-thinking organizations, aiming to create lasting positive impact.

Some Education:

• Blue Belt | Innovation Engineering | Innovation Engineering Institute (2021)

• BS Biomedical Engineering | University of Cincinnati (2009)

• U.S. National Science Foundation’s Innovation Corps (I-Corps™) (NY Hub, 2020)

• U.S. National Science Foundation’s Innovation Corps (I-Corps™) (LA Hub, 2020)

• 1819 Innovation Hub Pre-Incubator Graduate (10th Cohort, 2020)

• Google Analytics Individual Qualification | Google (2019)

• HighLevel Certified Admin (2024)

• Marketing to Engineers | CFE Media and Technology (2019)

• Insperity Certifications; Leadership, Communication, Management (2019)

• Internship 6-Sigma Green Belt and Kaizen | General Electric – Japan (2007)

• Honors | Walnut Hills High School (2003)

Some Awards:

• Provisional Patent for a Novel Clinically Viable Ventilator (VentLIFE)

• Bronze Medal in the USC/UCLA Hack for Hope Competition 2020 (VentLIFE)

• City of Covington AuthentiCITY Award (2021)

• Center for Great Neighborhoods Heart of the Community Award (2018)

• Inducted into the Covington Street Hockey League Hall of Fame (2023)

• VentLIFE written about in Time, TechNation, MedGadget, DesignWorld, and Spectrum News Articles (2020)

• Eagle Scout (2003)

• Best In Show, Rock Hill, SC Come See Me Art Competition (1996)

Some Value Adds:

• Diverse technical and managerial roles, from manufacturing optimization to team leadership.

• Proven track record in founding and scaling profitable organizations with innovative approaches.

• Strategic planning, decision-making, and executing complex projects.

• Specialized in technology integration for enhanced business automation and strategic consulting.

• Strong capabilities in relationship building and stakeholder management.

• Successful development and branding of novel software tools and companies, expanding market reach.

• Agile in software development and market fit analysis for optimal product performance.

• Efficiently streamlining operations, enhancing management and communication processes for clients.

• Experienced in fundraising and sponsorship, contributing to community and non-profit growth.

• Educational background with a Bachelor's in Biomedical Engineering and certifications in Innovation Engineering, Analytics, Marketing, and Information Management.

Some Skills:

• Entrepreneurial Leadership: Founded and led multiple successful organizations.

• AI and Emerging Technology Expertise: Pioneered integration of AI into solutions, developing proprietary tools and platforms.

• Revenue Generation and Growth: Demonstrated ability to boost sales, fundraising, and sponsorships significantly.

• Innovation and Product Development: Created new products and brands with effective validation and commercialization skills.

• Strategic Vision Setting: Defines clear roadmaps for organizational goal actualization.

• Risk Taking and Resilience: Navigates challenges with determination and adaptability.

• Marketing and Brand Building: Executes high ROI campaigns and creates compelling brands.

• Operational Optimization: Expert in streamlining operations, automating tasks, and enhancing productivity.

• Relationship Building and Partnerships: Excels in forming strategic alignments with sponsors, clients, and vendors.

• Project and Program Management: Efficiently manages initiatives for timely and effective outcomes.

• Training and Instruction: Develops educational programs for sales teams, staff, and others.

• Financial Administration: Proficient in monetary management and cash flow processes.

• Research and Analysis: Translates data and insights into actionable plans and narratives.

• Community Leadership and Engagement: Cultivates environments for collective empowerment.

• Process Documentation: Maps operational blueprints to streamline productivity.

• Public Speaking and Writing: Conveys ideas persuasively to diverse audiences.

• Problem-Solving: Excellent at identifying and solving complex problems.

• Lean Startup Methodologies: Proficient in applying lean startup principles for efficient business growth.

• Stakeholder Engagement: Strong capabilities in engaging and managing relationships with key stakeholders.

Some Roles

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Some Experience:

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KleinHaus, LLC - (2020 - Current)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Entrepreneurial Leadership: Founded KleinHaus, LLC and its subsidiaries, including KleinHaus Technologies, LLC, TheClubCRM.io, SponsorSociety.com, OurOrg.Shop, KleinHaus Marketing Firm, and more. Successfully led these entities, demonstrating exceptional leadership and entrepreneurial acumen.

• Revenue Growth & Non-Profit Support: Spearheaded initiatives across all entities, generating over $500k in revenue and providing substantial support to seven non-profits.

• AI & Technology Integration: Pioneered the integration of AI in business solutions across the subsidiaries, enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities.

• Agile Innovation & Lean Startup: Mastered and applied lean startup techniques and agile methodologies, leading to the successful launch and growth of multiple innovative ventures.

• Product Development & Branding: Developed unique tools and software solutions, creating strong brands and enhancing market reach, customer engagement, and positive impact.

• Operational Excellence: Streamlined operations in various domains, including finance, supply chain, sales, fundraising, marketing, customer service, and legal workflows, improving efficiency by over 30%.

• Strategic Consulting & Advisory: Provided strategic guidance to companies, co-developing strategies to unlock significant revenue, growth, and efficiency.

• Stakeholder Engagement & Team Leadership: Built and maintained strong relationships with stakeholders, translating their objectives into effective solutions. Led diverse teams, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration.

• Socially Conscious Innovation: Implemented novel, socially beneficial use cases for AI tools, extending their positive impact.

• Knowledge Sharing & Documentation: Developed comprehensive support materials and documentation for new products and features, ensuring user success and facilitating ongoing learning.

• Financial & Data Management: Optimized financial operations and implemented data-driven strategies for decision-making and process optimization across the entities.

• Innovation in CRM and E-Commerce: Revolutionized CRM models with TheClubCRM.io and pioneered e-commerce solutions with OurOrg.Shop, enhancing client operations and market presence.

• Sponsorship Strategy & Brand Development: Transformed the sponsorship landscape with SponsorSociety.com, creating meaningful partnerships and elevating brand visibility.


• Under my leadership, KleinHaus, LLC and its subsidiaries have become synonymous with innovative solutions, operational excellence, and impactful entrepreneurship. My strategic vision and execution capabilities have not only driven revenue growth but also contributed significantly to social good and the advancement of AI and technology in business.

KleinHaus Technologies, LLC - (2020 – Current)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Innovative AI Software Development: Launched KleinHaus Technologies LLC, focusing on creating AI software to enhance global decision-making processes.

• Decision-Making Tool Development: Engineered a unique decision-making and prioritization tool, integrating Python, Flask, Pytorch, SQL, VSCode, and AHP principles.

• Startup and Sprint Methodologies: Applied startup and Sprint techniques for in-depth market research and agile software development, aligning product development with market needs.

• Software Stack Leadership: Spearheaded the selection and implementation of software stacks and tools, optimizing performance and ensuring scalability.


• Global Decision-Making Enhancement: Significantly improved decision-making processes in various sectors through innovative AI tools, contributing to more efficient and informed global decision-making.

• Technical Innovation and Solution Delivery: Pioneered the development of advanced software, delivering tailored solutions that merge technical excellence with innovative thinking.

• Market Research and Development Expertise: Demonstrated proficiency in conducting comprehensive market research, enabling the development of software solutions that effectively meet market demands and user needs.

• Scalability and Performance Optimization: Ensured the long-term scalability and robust performance of software solutions, positioning KleinHaus Technologies as a key player in AI-driven decision-making tools.

TheClubCRM.io - (2022 – Current)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Platform Development and Leadership: Founded and led TheClubCRM.io, developing an all-in-one sales and marketing platform to streamline organizational management of relationships, finances, and information.

• Financial Operations Streamlining: Efficiently processed over $200,000 for clients, significantly enhancing their financial operations and management.

• Efficiency Improvement Systems: Innovated systems and processes boosting clients' leadership and management efficiency by up to 88%.

• Communication Enhancement: Overhauled communication channels, achieving a 95% improvement in information flow efficiency for client organizations.

• Educational Tools Creation: Developed leadership and membership portals as knowledge banks and training tools, augmenting clients' learning and development capabilities.

• Web Hosting Solutions: Provided reliable online presence for clients by hosting and managing their websites.

• Operational Automation: Automated key aspects of client operations, including communications, reputation management, and legal documentation, significantly reducing manual effort and enhancing accuracy.


• Operational Efficiency and Productivity: Revolutionized clients' operational efficiency, markedly reducing manual efforts and boosting overall productivity and accuracy.

• Strategic Organizational Management: Empowered organizations with comprehensive tools for managing critical business aspects, leading to streamlined operations and improved leadership efficacy.

• Innovative Digital Solutions: Pioneered a platform that integrates sales, marketing, and management tools, demonstrating a commitment to innovation and effective problem-solving in organizational management.

• Enhanced Client Learning and Development: Facilitated improved learning outcomes and professional development for clients through the creation of intuitive educational portals and resources.

• Strengthened Client Online Presence: Contributed to clients' digital strategy success by providing robust web hosting and online management services.

SponsorSociety.com - (2022 – Current)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Sponsorship Firm Establishment: Founded and led SponsorSociety.com, innovating in the sponsorship brokerage sector to connect sponsors, sponsees, and organization members for mutual benefits.

• Fundraising and Financial Support: Successfully raised over $150,000 for sponsees, ensuring vital financial support for various projects.

• Strategic Sponsor Connections: Fostered connections with 40+ sponsors, securing high ROI opportunities and enhancing their investment outcomes.

• Incentive Programs Creation: Implemented commission-based incentives for sponsors' volunteers, effectively boosting fundraising efforts.

• Brand Development: Established KK LTD for custom sports apparel, augmenting sponsorship package appeal and value.

• Legal and Compliance Oversight: Managed legal responsibilities for sponsorship agreements, ensuring compliance and efficient ROI execution.

• Marketing Campaigns Execution: Orchestrated targeted marketing campaigns, significantly increasing sponsor visibility and revenue.


• Revolutionized Sponsorship Engagement: Pioneered a novel approach in the sponsorship field, creating a platform that facilitates beneficial partnerships and mutual growth.

• Enhanced Sponsorship Value and Appeal: Elevated the standard of sponsorship offerings through customized merchandise and effective marketing strategies.

• Boosted Financial Viability for Projects: Significantly contributed to the financial sustainability of sponsees, enabling them to realize their objectives.

• Strengthened Community and Volunteer Engagement: Enhanced community involvement in fundraising activities through innovative incentive structures.

• Navigated Legal and Financial Complexities: Ensured smooth operations and compliance within the sponsorship agreements, reinforcing trust and reliability among stakeholders.

• Drove Brand Growth and Market Penetration: Successfully expanded brand reach and revenue streams through strategic marketing and brand development initiatives, establishing SponsorSociety.com as a key player in the industry.

OurOrg.Shop - (2023 – Current)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• E-Commerce Platform Development: Innovatively founded and led OurOrg.Shop, focusing on empowering small businesses and volunteer-led organizations with a specialized e-commerce platform.

• Sales Generation and Revenue Boost: Drove substantial sales, aiding clients in significantly increasing their revenue streams.

• Marketing Asset Creation: Produced hundreds of marketing assets, markedly enhancing clients' brand visibility and market reach.

• Operational Efficiency Improvement: Revolutionized the merchandise creation and marketing process, reducing clients' time investment by up to 98%.


• Empowerment of Small Businesses: Positioned OurOrg.Shop as a critical tool for small businesses and organizations, enabling them to effectively compete in the digital marketplace.

• Boost in Client Revenue and Brand Presence: Directly contributed to the financial growth of clients through enhanced online sales and improved brand visibility.

• Streamlining of E-Commerce Operations: Significantly transformed the operational efficiency of clients, enabling them to focus more on core business activities and less on the logistics of online selling.

• Innovation in E-Commerce Solutions: Established OurOrg.Shop as a go-to platform, demonstrating a commitment to innovation and problem-solving in the e-commerce space, particularly for small businesses and volunteer-led organizations.

OldManToms.com - (2023 – Current)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Brand and Business Development: Co-founded OldManToms.com, successfully launching a unique baked goods brand from concept to operational business.

• Digital Presence & Systems Automation: Established and automated the brand's digital presence, including backend systems and online platforms, enhancing operational efficiency.

• Product Launch and Store Creation: Developed and launched a diverse range of baked goods and merchandise, establishing a physical and online store presence.

• Sales Generation & Growth: Achieved consistent weekly sales, contributing to the brand's financial stability and growth.

• Social Media Expansion: Significantly expanded the brand’s social media presence, achieving month-over-month growth in customer engagement and brand awareness.


• Market Penetration & Brand Recognition: Successfully penetrated the market with a distinctive brand identity, garnering customer loyalty and brand recognition.

• Operational Efficiency & Online Growth: Streamlined business operations through digital automation, leading to increased productivity and enhanced online customer engagement.

• Revenue Growth & Financial Stability: Directly influenced the brand's revenue growth and financial sustainability through effective product marketing and sales strategies.

• Community Engagement & Brand Loyalty: Fostered a growing community of customers and fans, creating a loyal customer base and enhancing the brand's reputation in the market.

• Innovation in E-commerce: Demonstrated innovation in e-commerce and digital marketing, setting a benchmark in the industry for baked goods brands and services.

Midwest Rugby Development Foundation - (2020 - Current)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Fundraising Empowerment: Significantly enhanced the Foundation's fundraising capabilities, resulting in over $100,000 in donations, thereby fueling organizational growth.

• Financial Management Optimization: Streamlined and centralized the payment processes, boosting efficiency and transparency in financial operations.

• Digital Transformation Leadership: Spearheaded the design and development of a new website and contact relationship management platform, modernizing the Foundation's digital presence and enhancing outreach efforts.

• Visibility and Engagement Amplification: Executed strategic initiatives to expand the Foundation's digital footprint, attracting new supporters and boosting rugby's popularity across the Midwest.


• Financial Sustainability Enhancement: Played a pivotal role in increasing fundraising and refining financial management, securing essential resources for the Foundation's continuous growth and sustainability.

• Community Engagement Fortification: Strengthened ties with the rugby community, including players, sponsors, and fans, through an improved online presence and effective communication strategies, contributing to the sport's development in the region.

• Versatile Innovation Exhibition: Showcased adaptability and skill in tackling diverse challenges, from fundraising to digital strategy implementation, highlighting my ability to deliver impactful and comprehensive solutions.

VentLIFE/CoreVENT - (2020 - 2021)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Fundraising & Team Collaboration: Successfully raised funds and collaborated with over 20 experts from prestigious institutions including Yale, Harvard, UCLA, and Mayo Clinic.

• Strategic Business Development: Played a pivotal role in business development, operations, and marketing, contributing to the overall growth and visibility of the organization.

• Comprehensive Market Research: Conducted extensive market research covering landscape, business model, relationships, ecosystem, competitors, products, and investors.

• Regulatory Compliance & Patent Acquisition: Successfully applied for an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and secured a provisional patent for the ventilator technology.

• Innovative Program Participation: Completed two regional NSF I-Corps programs and the University of Cincinnati 1819 Innovation Hub’s pre-incubator as part of the 10th Cohort.

• Clinical Trial Preparation: Prepared the ventilator technology for an FDA 510(k) Clinical Trial and contributed to an SBIR grant application.

• Marketing & Public Relations: Developed comprehensive marketing strategies, content, and social media presence, achieving significant press coverage.

• Cross-functional Teamwork: Worked collaboratively with MDs, PhDs, engineers, and entrepreneurs to develop a low-cost, clinically viable ventilator.

• Business Model Development: Created a consumer-first business model canvas using sprint techniques, focusing on customer needs and market fit.


• Healthcare Innovation Advancement: Drove the development of a novel ventilator technology, directly contributing to the healthcare response during the COVID crisis.

• Recognition & Industry Impact: Recognized with a bronze medal in the USC/UCLA Hack for Hope competition and received widespread press coverage, highlighting the project's significance and innovation.

• Collaborative Innovation: Fostered a culture of collaborative innovation, bringing together diverse expertise to address a critical healthcare challenge.

• Strategic Influence on Healthcare Technology: Influenced the healthcare technology landscape by navigating regulatory pathways and setting a precedent for emergency medical device development.

Covington Street Hockey League - (2018 - Current)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Organizational Co-Founder: Instrumental in the establishment and nurturing of the Covington Street Hockey League, playing a key role in enhancing community engagement and revitalizing local public spaces.

• Legal & Structural Framework Development: Established the legal and structural framework of the organization, laying the groundwork for sustainable growth and operational stability.

• Strategic Organizational Leadership: Defined and implemented the League's mission, vision, values, structure, and roles, setting a clear and actionable strategic direction.

• Partnership Cultivation: Successfully forged critical partnerships, securing support from local government and community organizations.

• Growth & Expansion: Drove the expansion of the league from 7 individuals to 6 teams with over 150 members, fostering a significant increase in community participation and volunteer engagement.

• Financial Stewardship & Asset Generation: Managed financial operations to accrue over $125,000 in revenue and assets, underpinning the League's development and future projects.

• Legacy Project Leadership: Led the initiative to build the Kyle Wheeler Memorial Rink at Barb Cook Park, creating a lasting community landmark.

• Award Recognition & Community Impact: Achieved notable recognition including multiple community awards, demonstrating the successful impact of the League in the region.

• Diverse Partnership & Sponsorship Management: Orchestrated a variety of partnerships and sponsorships, enhancing the League's reach and collaborative efforts.

• Scalable Strategy Implementation: Developed and executed strategies for increasing the player base, revenue generation, volunteer participation, and charitable contributions, significantly boosting the League's community impact.


• Community Hub Establishment: Played a pivotal role in establishing the Covington Street Hockey League as a central community hub, significantly enhancing recreational and social opportunities for the local population.

• Revitalization of Public Spaces: Contributed to the transformation of underutilized areas into vibrant community spaces, notably the Kyle Wheeler Memorial Rink, thereby increasing community activity and engagement.

• Inspiration for Volunteerism & Civic Engagement: Successfully inspired and facilitated extensive volunteer involvement, strengthening community bonds and encouraging active civic participation.

Resource Associates - (2021 - 2022)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• System Optimization: Spearheaded in-depth R&D initiatives to enhance critical systems and tools, achieving significant reductions in redundancies and streamlining workflows for optimal efficiency.

• SOP Development and Standardization: Mapped and standardized the organization's standard operating procedures (SOPs), resulting in over 40 comprehensive guides that improved internal processes and alignment.

• Operational Process Standardization: Championed the standardization of key operational processes, ensuring consistent quality and adherence to best practices organization-wide.

• Productivity and Communication Enhancement: Cultivated a culture of clarity and transparency through well-documented procedures, significantly boosting team productivity and communication.

• Workflow Optimization: Implemented standardized workflows, significantly reducing errors and rework, and improving operational efficiency.


• Organizational Performance Amplification: Played a pivotal role in optimizing resource allocation and internal performance, significantly amplifying the organization's overall impact and efficiency.

• Increased Grant Success: Directly contributed to the enhanced efficiency and clarity in proposal development and project execution, resulting in a notable increase in successful grant acquisitions.

• Cultivation of Operational Excellence: Established and promoted a culture of operational excellence, fostering an environment of team collaboration and continuous improvement.

Exact Metrology, Inc - (2015 - 2020)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Digital Marketing Strategy Implementation: Successfully executed a data-driven marketing plan, leading to a 25% increase in website traffic, doubling social media acquisitions, a 115% rise in social media followers, and a 37% increase in Google Analytics goals.

• Sales Process Enhancement: Overhauled the sales process, coordinating over $15M in sales and introducing an innovative self-managing tool that significantly cut operational costs.

• Training Program Management: Spearheaded a 150% increase in training revenue in the first year, achieving a 98% approval rating through personalized and engaging training initiatives.

• AI-Driven Knowledge Development: Utilized AI and prompt engineering to create new knowledge banks and training curricula, significantly boosting learning effectiveness.

• Quality Assurance Leadership: Played a pivotal role in attaining ISO9001 & AS9100 certifications, emphasizing a strong commitment to quality and performance standards.

• Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Engaged in an archaeological expedition in Peru, demonstrating a commitment to diverse exploration and collaborative research.

• Team Building and Knowledge Sharing: Promoted cross-departmental teamwork and knowledge exchange, contributing to smoother operations and a culture of continuous improvement.

• Leadership Excellence: Maintained a 98% approval rating, illustrating effective team leadership and motivational skills.

• Adaptive Role Management: Showcased exceptional adaptability and success in various roles, highlighting versatility and proactive problem-solving.


• Operational and Strategic Transformation: Dramatically transformed departmental strategies and operations, resulting in significant financial and qualitative improvements.

• Learning Culture Development: Cultivated a robust learning environment and team collaboration, enabling teams to excel and consistently pursue growth.

• Global Influence and Quality Focus: Demonstrated a steadfast commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and global impact through diverse achievements and innovative initiatives.

Elemental CBD - (2020 - 2021)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Sales Channel Development: Conceptualized and established effective sales channels, significantly enhancing market penetration and sales opportunities.

• Market Expansion Strategy: Successfully introduced Elemental CBD products to the Midwest region, effectively opening and developing a new market segment.


• Revenue Growth and Market Expansion: Played a pivotal role in expanding the company's market reach, directly contributing to increased sales and revenue growth.

• Brand Visibility in New Regions: Instrumental in establishing brand presence in the Midwest, paving the way for broader brand recognition and customer base expansion.

• Strategic Business Development: Demonstrated strategic acumen in identifying and capitalizing on new market opportunities, driving business growth and expansion.

KleinHaus Studio - (2018 - 2021)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Studio Establishment and Management: Founded KleinHaus Studio, creating an affordable and inclusive podcasting platform for local content creators.

• Podcast Production: Oversaw the recording and production of diverse group podcasts, managing all aspects of studio operations and content quality.


• Fostering Community Voices: Significantly contributed to the local media landscape by providing an accessible platform for varied voices and narratives, enhancing community engagement.

• Promoting Storytelling and Media Accessibility: Championed the importance of storytelling and accessible media, empowering individuals and groups to share their stories widely.

• Cultivating a Diverse Podcasting Environment: Successfully created a vibrant and dynamic podcasting environment, boosting the local podcasting scene and encouraging creative expression.

KleinHaus Gym - (2018 - 2021)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Gym Founding and Management: Established KleinHaus Gym, a donation-operated facility, with a focus on creating an empathetic and healthy workout environment.

• Community Health Advocacy: Promoted wellness and inclusivity in fitness, catering to individuals seeking to improve their lives through physical health.


• Enhancing Community Well-being: Played a vital role in bolstering community health, especially during the challenges of the Covid pandemic, by providing accessible fitness options.

• Promoting Inclusive Fitness Culture: Contributed to the transformation of the local fitness landscape by emphasizing empathy and inclusivity, encouraging diverse participation in health and wellness activities.

• Supporting Societal Health Initiatives: Demonstrated compassionate leadership in the fitness industry, focusing on the well-being of individuals and the community, and setting a precedent for socially conscious gym operations.

KleanMeals, LLC - (2018 - 2019)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Strategic Start-up Founding: Co-founded KleanMeals, LLC, driving its inception from a concept to a fully operational meal delivery service.

• Business Framework Development: Formulated the business plan and established the legal entity, ensuring a strong organizational foundation.

• Operational Set-Up: Secured commercial kitchen rental and acquired necessary permits, aligning operations with industry standards and regulations.

• Digital Infrastructure Creation: Developed the company's website and social media platforms, alongside implementing document control and cost analysis tools to boost efficiency and market presence.

• Product Delivery Management: Orchestrated the preparation and delivery of up to 110 meals weekly to a diverse clientele, including individual and corporate customers.


• Market Penetration and Growth: Spearheaded KleanMeals' emergence in the Cincinnati area, successfully tapping into the market with a healthy meal delivery concept.

• Operational Excellence and Compliance: Ensured smooth and compliant operations, setting a standard for start-up efficiency in the food service industry.

• Digital Presence and Brand Development: Amplified the company’s online visibility and brand recognition, contributing to customer engagement and business growth.

• Customer Satisfaction and Revenue Contribution: Fulfilled increasing customer demands, playing a pivotal role in revenue generation and customer loyalty through quality service delivery.

• Innovative Approach in Food Industry: Introduced a fresh perspective to meal delivery services, blending health-conscious offerings with operational innovation and customer-centric strategies.

Micropyretics Heaters International - (2013 - 2015)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Operational Streamlining: Engineered and implemented a system overhaul, significantly boosting operational efficiency and resulting in annual savings of over $26,000.

• Procedure Optimization: Revamped company procedures to enhance productivity and collaboration, setting the stage for improved team performance.

• Quality Control and Testing Leadership: Directed document control and testing processes, ensuring accuracy and best practice adherence, thus minimizing errors and maximizing product quality.

• CAD Proficiency in Product Design: Employed CAD skills for in-house product design and development, introducing innovative solutions and making substantial contributions to product offerings.

• Product Development Research: Conducted extensive capability research and testing, providing key insights to guide product development and ensure high-performance standards.

• Customer Service Excellence: Managed customer interactions with professionalism and empathy, fostering strong relationships and exceeding client expectations.

• Client Satisfaction Commitment: Maintained a strong focus on customer satisfaction, ensuring prompt issue resolution and clear communication throughout all client interactions.


• Operational Efficiency Transformation: Spearheaded significant process improvements, achieving notable cost savings and enhanced operational productivity.

• Product Development Enhancement: Crucially influenced new product innovation, leveraging technical expertise and design skills for product line expansion.

• Strengthened Customer Relationships: Established and sustained high levels of customer trust and satisfaction through effective communication and support.

• Workplace Environment Improvement: Contributed to a more streamlined and collaborative workplace, elevating team productivity and morale.

Uber - (2015 - 2016)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Passenger Transport Excellence: Skillfully and safely transported hundreds of passengers, ensuring a comfortable and efficient travel experience.

• Service Quality Maintenance: Consistently provided high-quality service focused on passenger comfort and satisfaction.

• 5-Star Rating Achievement: Maintained a 5-star rating, reflecting exceptional customer service and adherence to safe driving practices.


• Customer Satisfaction: Contributed significantly to positive passenger experiences, enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction with Uber services.

• Brand Representation: Upheld and reinforced Uber's reputation for providing excellent and reliable transportation services.

• Operational Efficiency: Demonstrated effective time management and navigation skills, optimizing trip efficiency and enhancing overall service delivery.

• Safety Standards: Prioritized and maintained high safety standards, ensuring passenger security and trust in Uber's service.

• Positive Community Interaction: Fostered positive community interactions, representing Uber as a driver committed to delivering outstanding service.

University of Cincinnati Young Professionals - (2014 - 2015)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Strategic Fundraising Leadership: Led the strategic planning and execution of fundraising initiatives, successfully raising over $25,000 for a yearly scholarship fund.

• Scholarship Fund Development: Spearheaded the development and growth of a scholarship fund, providing critical financial support to deserving students.

• Scholarship Selection Involvement: Actively participated on the scholarship selection board, playing a key role in the decision-making process for awarding scholarships.


• Student Support and Enablement: Significantly contributed to the financial aid of students, enabling their academic growth and development.

• Enhanced Educational Opportunities: Facilitated increased educational opportunities for young professionals and students through effective fundraising.

• Community Engagement: Fostered a culture of philanthropy within the University of Cincinnati community, enhancing engagement and support for educational initiatives.

• Decision-Making Influence: Influenced the allocation of scholarship funds, ensuring support for students who demonstrated merit and need.

• Organizational Growth: Contributed to the growth and development of the University of Cincinnati Young Professionals organization, strengthening its capacity to support students.

3D Engineering Solutions - (2011 - 2014)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Team Leadership: Led a high-performing team of up to 12 interns, successfully managing and guiding them in complex engineering projects.

• Technical Mastery: Gained proficiency in advanced software like PolyWorks, GOM, SolidWorks, Geomagic, and 3D scanning, enhancing the company's technical capabilities.

• Quality Control Expertise: Utilized advanced tools such as FARO laser line probes, blue light scanners, and optical comparators to ensure high-quality manufacturing outcomes.

• Project Oversight: Managed the inspection and construction of Dodge Vipers, showcasing expertise in automotive engineering and project management.

• Business Development: Played a pivotal role in driving substantial revenue growth, increasing the company's annual income from $300k to over $1.5M.


• Revenue Growth: Directly contributed to a dramatic increase in the company's revenue, demonstrating significant business development and project leadership skills.

• Enhanced Technical Capabilities: Improved the company's engineering quality and efficiency through the mastery of technical software and advanced tools.

• Team Development: Fostered the growth and development of a team of interns, contributing to the company’s talent pool and future success.

• Project Success: Led successful high-stakes projects, notably in the automotive sector, boosting the company’s reputation and client satisfaction.

• Operational Efficiency: Improved manufacturing processes and quality control, ensuring efficient and high-standard project completions.

University of Cincinnati, Minimally Invasive Medical Technologies Consortium (MIMTeC) - (2008 - 2010)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Novel Material Development: Led the development of groundbreaking materials and testing tools to accurately mimic soft tissue properties, significantly enhancing the realism of laboratory simulations and experiments.

• Research Process Enhancement: Improved research accuracy and efficiency, contributing to critical advancements in medical technology.

• Advanced Strain-Mapping Algorithm Expertise: Specialized in sophisticated algorithms for extracting crucial data from ultrasound images, facilitating in-depth tissue behavior and disease progression analysis.

• Groundbreaking Research Contributions: Utilized technical expertise to gain new insights into medical conditions, leading to notable discoveries in the biomedical field.

• Fortune 50 Project Leadership: Delivered exceptional results in a high-stakes research project funded by a Fortune 50 company, demonstrating adherence to rigorous industry standards and expectations.


• Laboratory Simulation Transformation: Revolutionized biomedical research by developing tools that drastically improved the accuracy of laboratory simulations, contributing to transformative medical discoveries.

• Medical Knowledge Advancement: Played a pivotal role in advancing the understanding of tissue behavior and disease progression, providing valuable insights for potential treatments.

• Academia-Industry Collaboration: Bridged the gap between academic research and industry demands, showcasing adaptability and professional excellence in a challenging and high-impact environment.

University of Cincinnati, Nanomedicine Development Center - (2008 - 2008)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Innovative Research: Played a crucial role in the development of ATP-driven RNA nanomotors targeting cancer cells, contributing to cutting-edge research in nanomedicine.

• Laboratory Expertise: Conducted meticulous laboratory preparations, including the creation of broths, buffers, and plates, and proficient in autoclaving, ensuring optimal experimental conditions.

• Academic Contribution: Assisted in the editing of scientific journal articles, enhancing the clarity and impact of significant research findings in the field of nanomedicine.


• Advancement in Cancer Therapy: Contributed to pioneering research with the potential to revolutionize cancer treatment through innovative nanomedicine technology.

• Enhanced Research Quality: Ensured high-quality laboratory conditions, crucial for the success of groundbreaking experiments in nanotechnology.

• Scientific Communication: Improved the dissemination of critical research findings, aiding in the advancement of knowledge within the scientific community.

General Electric, Engine Services, Japan - (2006 - 2004)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Safety and Efficiency Studies: Conducted in-depth studies of shop conditions, leading to the implementation of enhanced safety measures and operational improvements.

• Process Optimization: Applied 6-Sigma and Kaizen methodologies to streamline Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) records and new chemical ordering processes.

• Employee Wellbeing Focus: Recognized internally for initiatives aimed at improving worker comfort, demonstrating a strong commitment to employee wellbeing.

• Innovation in Data Management: Assisted in developing an internal data information sharing tool using DreamWeaver, facilitating better communication and data accessibility.


• Enhanced Workplace Safety: Contributed to creating a safer work environment, significantly reducing risks and hazards.

• Operational Efficiency: Improved operational efficiency through process optimization, resulting in smoother and more efficient workflow.

• Employee Satisfaction: Boosted employee morale and satisfaction by focusing on comfort and wellbeing, contributing to a more positive and productive workplace.

• Improved Internal Communication: Streamlined information sharing and data access within the organization, enhancing collaboration and decision-making processes.

University of Cincinnati, Biomedical Engineering Society - (2008 - 2009)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Membership Growth: Drove a significant 40% increase in BMES membership, establishing a diverse and active community of aspiring biomedical engineers.

• Event Organization: Successfully organized a record number of events including guest speakers, workshops, and social gatherings, leading to increased member engagement.

• Innovative Fundraising: Strategically secured substantial funding for society activities through creative fundraising efforts.

• Marketing Campaign Execution: Developed and implemented an effective marketing campaign, significantly enhancing society’s visibility and member attraction.


• Community Development: Fostered a thriving and collaborative environment, crucial for the professional growth of future biomedical engineers.

• Resource Enhancement: Enabled the society to host impactful activities and events, increasing BMES’s value and appeal to students.

• Leadership Excellence: Honed essential leadership and team-building skills, contributing to a dynamic and inclusive society culture.

• Strategic Influence: Established a foundation for continued growth and success of the BMES, influencing the direction of the society for future cohorts.

University of Cincinnati Biomedical Engineering Department - (2007 - 2008)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Administrative Efficiency: Excelled in Microsoft Office, schedule management, and file organization, contributing to streamlined departmental operations.

• Financial Record Keeping: Accurately recorded payments, ensuring financial transactions were organized and transparent.

• Event and Meeting Coordination: Assisted in the planning and execution of departmental events and meetings, facilitating their smooth and successful operation.


• Improved Departmental Productivity: Enhanced overall efficiency through meticulous administrative support and effective organization.

• Strengthened Community Engagement: Fostered positive and collaborative relationships with students, faculty, and staff, improving departmental communication and fostering a cohesive academic environment.

• Supportive Role in Academia: Played a vital role in supporting the administrative needs of the department, contributing to its smooth functioning and academic success.

Tri-State Parking - (2004 - 2006)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Customer Service Excellence: Maintained high standards of professionalism and courtesy, consistently receiving praise from customers for exceptional service.

• Safe Vehicle Handling: Demonstrated expertise in efficient parking and retrieval of vehicles, maintaining a flawless safety record with no accidents or incidents.

• Financial Responsibility: Successfully handled and managed cash transactions, dealing with thousands of dollars responsibly and accurately.

• Team Training & Development: Trained new valet drivers, significantly improving overall team performance and operational efficiency.


• Enhanced Customer Experience: Implemented procedures that reduced customer wait times, directly improving client satisfaction and service quality.

• Safety and Efficiency: Contributed to a safe and efficient operation, ensuring client vehicles were handled with utmost care and responsibility.

• Strengthened Team Capabilities: Through training and mentorship, raised the performance and skill level of the valet team, fostering a more efficient and effective service environment.

Ignite Entertainment (Kon Tiki) - (2022 - Current)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Recipe Profit/Loss Analytics: Devised and implemented analytics for menu profitability, enhancing strategic decision-making and menu optimization.

• Standard Operating Procedures Development: Established SOPs for bar operations, ensuring smooth functioning and consistent service quality.

• Fair Compensation Advocacy: Negotiated a tipping percentage payout for batching, demonstrating commitment to staff welfare and fair compensation.

• Inventory Management Efficiency: Overhauled storage efficiency, streamlining inventory management and reducing restocking time.

• Bartending and Customer Service: Provided top-tier bartending services, significantly contributing to customer satisfaction and bar profitability.


• Operational Excellence: Spearheaded operational improvements, driving efficiency in daily bar functions and enhancing overall service quality.

• Financial Insight and Strategy: Offered critical financial insights into menu items, shaping pricing and profitability strategies.

• Staff Satisfaction and Morale: Improved staff morale and fairness in compensation, fostering a positive and equitable working environment.

• Customer Experience Enhancement: Elevated the customer experience through skilled bartending and attentive service, bolstering the bar's reputation and customer loyalty.

• Resource Optimization: Achieved better resource utilization and cost savings through effective inventory management strategies.

16-bit Bar and Arcade - (2019 - 2021)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Operational Support: Assisted in stocking, cleaning, and maintaining bar inventory, crucial for seamless bar operations.

• Customer Service Excellence: Provided top-notch customer service, enhancing the bar's ambiance and customer satisfaction levels.

• Bar Area Maintenance: Ensured a clean and organized bar area, contributing to an improved customer experience and upholding the establishment's high standards.

• Efficient Time Management: Demonstrated exceptional organizational and time management skills in a dynamic, fast-paced setting.

• Team Collaboration: Worked effectively both independently and as part of a team, playing a pivotal role in the bar's successful operation.


• Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Significantly contributed to the smooth running of bar operations, ensuring customer needs were met promptly.

• Positive Customer Engagement: Fostered a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere, attracting and retaining a diverse customer base.

• Upheld Quality Standards: Maintained the bar's cleanliness and organization, preserving its reputation for high standards.

• Adaptability and Resilience: Showcased adaptability in managing various tasks efficiently, crucial in a high-energy environment.

• Collaborative Success: Aided in creating a cohesive team dynamic, essential for the bar's overall success and customer satisfaction.

Pop’s a Durham Trattoria - (2010 - 2011)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Customer Service Proficiency: Provided exceptional customer service, understanding customer preferences and offering tailored recommendations.

• Bar Inventory Management: Skillfully managed bar inventory, efficiently preparing cocktails, and maintaining a clean and organized bar area.

• Cash Handling Expertise: Operated cash registers and processed payments, demonstrating accuracy and proficiency in cash handling and POS systems.

• Health & Safety Compliance: Adhered strictly to health and safety regulations, ensuring a secure and enjoyable environment for patrons.

• Sales Growth Contribution: Effectively used sales and upselling techniques, contributing to a consistent increase in monthly sales.


• Enhanced Customer Experience: Received frequent positive customer feedback, contributing to the establishment's reputation for outstanding service.

• Operational Efficiency: Maintained an efficient and well-stocked bar, positively impacting the restaurant's operational flow and customer satisfaction.

• Safety & Compliance Standards Upheld: Ensured the health and safety of customers, essential for maintaining the restaurant's high standards and reputation.

• Sales & Revenue Boost: Directly influenced sales growth, showcasing effective customer engagement and upselling skills.

• Support in Transition: Played a key role in the restaurant's relocation, demonstrating adaptability, organizational skills, and teamwork.

Centerba Selections - (2010 - 2011)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Efficient Delivery: Consistently ensured timely and efficient delivery of wine and spirits across North Carolina and South Carolina, catering to a diverse clientele including restaurants, bars, and stores.

• Safety and Responsibility: Maintained an impeccable driving record, demonstrating a high level of responsibility and adherence to safety standards.

• Time Management: Demonstrated exceptional time management and organizational skills, completing all deliveries on time and within budget constraints.

• Customer Service Excellence: Provided outstanding customer service, fostering positive relationships with clients and handling complaints and inquiries with professionalism and promptness.


• Client Satisfaction and Retention: Enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty through timely deliveries and excellent service, contributing to sustained client relationships.

• Operational Efficiency: Played a pivotal role in maintaining the operational flow of the company, ensuring that all deliveries were executed efficiently and effectively.

• Safety and Compliance Standards Upheld: Upheld high safety standards, ensuring the safe and responsible transport of products.

• Positive Company Reputation: Contributed significantly to the company's reputation for quality service through dedication and a strong work ethic, reinforcing the company's brand in the market.

Four Entertainment Group - (2008 - 2010)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Customer Service Excellence: Demonstrated outstanding customer service in a high-pressure, high-volume environment, enhancing the company's reputation for quality service.

• Inventory Management: Efficiently managed bar inventory and precisely prepared drinks, ensuring customer satisfaction with each order.

• Environment Maintenance: Consistently maintained a clean and organized bar area, fostering a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere for patrons.

• Conflict Resolution: Skillfully handled customer complaints and conflicts, ensuring issues were resolved respectfully and professionally.

• Safety Management: Vigilantly identified and addressed potential safety hazards, maintaining a secure and safe environment for patrons and staff.


• Enhanced Customer Experience: Significantly contributed to creating a positive customer experience, leading to increased patron satisfaction and repeat business.

• Operational Efficiency: Streamlined bar operations through effective inventory management, reducing waste and increasing profitability.

• Safe and Enjoyable Atmosphere: Ensured a safe and enjoyable environment for patrons, promoting a positive and secure atmosphere.

• Event Management Support: Provided critical support in managing events and special promotions, showcasing organizational skills and enhancing event success.

• Brand Representation: Upheld and enhanced the company's brand through professional conduct and exceptional service, reinforcing the company's reputation in the hospitality industry.

Cadillac Ranch All American Bar & Grill - (2007 - 2009)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Customer Service Mastery: Provided exceptional customer service in a bustling, high-volume setting, reinforcing the restaurant's reputation for quality service.

• Inventory Management: Skillfully managed bar inventory, ensuring accurate and timely preparation of drinks to meet customer preferences.

• Environment Maintenance: Diligently maintained a clean and orderly bar area, contributing to a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for guests.

• Conflict Resolution: Expertly handled customer complaints and conflicts, ensuring issues were resolved with professionalism and respect.

• Safety Oversight: Proactively identified and addressed potential safety hazards, maintaining a secure and enjoyable environment for patrons.


• Elevated Customer Experience: Significantly enhanced customer satisfaction and experience, leading to increased patronage and loyalty.

• Operational Efficiency: Streamlined bar operations through effective inventory management, contributing to cost savings and improved service speed.

• Safe and Inviting Atmosphere: Played a vital role in ensuring a safe and appealing environment, promoting positive customer feedback and repeat visits.

• Conflict Management: Effectively resolved conflicts, preserving the restaurant's image and customer relationships.

• Leadership and Organizational Contribution: Demonstrated strong organizational and leadership skills, effectively contributing to the restaurant's overall success and operational excellence.

Sully’s Sports Bar & Grill - (2006 - 2008)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Customer Service Excellence: Delivered outstanding service in a dynamic, high-volume setting, bolstering the bar's reputation for exceptional customer care.

• Inventory Management: Managed bar inventory efficiently, ensuring precise and customer-specific drink preparation.

• Bar Area Maintenance: Kept the bar area clean and organized, contributing to an inviting atmosphere for guests.

• Conflict Resolution: Skillfully addressed customer complaints and conflicts, maintaining satisfaction and a respectful environment.

• Safety Management: Identified and mitigated potential safety hazards, ensuring a secure and pleasant environment for patrons.

• Event Support: Assisted in organizing and managing events and special promotions, displaying adept organizational skills.

• Security Provision: Provided vigilant security for patrons and staff, upholding professionalism in high-stress scenarios.


• Enhanced Customer Loyalty: Contributed significantly to customer retention and repeat visits through superior service and conflict resolution.

• Operational Efficiency: Improved operational efficiency through effective inventory control, enhancing profitability.

• Welcoming Environment: Created a warm and safe ambiance, leading to positive customer feedback and increased footfall.

• Safety Assurance: Ensured customer and staff safety, fostering trust and a secure atmosphere.

• Event Success: Played a pivotal role in the smooth execution of events, enhancing the bar's reputation as a versatile venue.

• Security Enhancement: Upheld high-security standards, contributing to the overall safety and reputation of the establishment.

JeanRo Bistro - (2004 - 2006)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Customer Service Excellence: Delivered top-notch service by efficiently running food and bussing tables, enhancing guest dining experience.

• Dining Area Maintenance: Consistently maintained a clean and well-organized dining area, showcasing strong organizational and cleaning skills.

• Guest Interaction: Engaged with guests in a friendly and professional manner, promptly answering queries and resolving any issues, contributing to a welcoming atmosphere.

• Teamwork and Efficiency: Collaborated effectively with the restaurant team, ensuring seamless operations in a high-pressure, fast-paced environment.


• Elevated Guest Satisfaction: Significantly contributed to positive guest experiences, reinforcing the restaurant's reputation for fine dining and attentive service.

• Operational Smoothness: Enhanced the efficiency and smoothness of restaurant operations, supporting a high standard of service and guest satisfaction.

• Positive Dining Environment: Fostered a pleasant and well-maintained dining environment, leading to positive customer feedback and repeat visits.

• Team Cohesion and Performance: Demonstrated strong teamwork capabilities, vital for maintaining high service standards during peak hours.

Jean-Robert at Pigall’s - (2003 - 2006)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Event Service Excellence: Delivered exemplary customer service at private events, handling drink preparation, order taking, and table service with finesse.

• Team Leadership & Management: Successfully managed bar and service staff during private events, ensuring efficient, prompt service and maintaining a clean, orderly bar area.

• Event Setup & Breakdown: Demonstrated exceptional organizational skills in assisting with the setup and breakdown of the restaurant for private events.

• Guest Satisfaction: Consistently received positive feedback from guests, reflecting outstanding customer service and attentiveness to guest needs.


• Enhanced Guest Experience: Played a crucial role in ensuring guests enjoyed a memorable dining experience, contributing to the high reputation of a four Michelin-starred restaurant.

• Operational Efficiency: Enhanced the efficiency and smoothness of private events, supporting the restaurant's standard for impeccable service.

• Team Collaboration & Cohesion: Fostered a team environment conducive to high-performance, crucial for managing high-stress, fast-paced event settings.

• Reputation Building: Contributed significantly to maintaining the restaurant's status as a premier destination for fine dining and private events through consistent high-quality service.

Kirby Vacuum Company - (2004 - 2004)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Sales Excellence: Demonstrated a proven ability to consistently exceed sales goals through effective deal closure and robust sales strategies.

• Customer Relationship Building: Excelled in establishing strong rapport with customers, fostering trust and long-term relationships.

• Issue Resolution and Follow-up: Skilled in resolving customer issues and providing exceptional follow-up, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

• Communication Skills: Exhibited excellent written and verbal communication skills, effectively conveying product value and addressing customer inquiries.


• Revenue Growth: Contributed significantly to revenue growth by surpassing sales targets and effectively promoting products.

• Customer Loyalty and Retention: Enhanced customer loyalty and retention through exceptional service and follow-up, driving repeat business.

• Independent Management: Demonstrated strong self-management and time efficiency, successfully navigating independent working conditions and maximizing productivity.

• Brand Representation: Effectively represented the brand in a positive and professional manner, enhancing the company's reputation in the marketplace.

Five Seasons Family Sports Club - (2003 - 2004)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Operational Efficiency: Proficiently operated and maintained dishwashing equipment to ensure high standards of cleanliness and functionality.

• Team Collaboration: Worked effectively with kitchen staff to maintain an organized and efficient dishwashing area.

• Process Improvement: Implemented innovative strategies that successfully reduced dishwashing time by 10%, enhancing kitchen efficiency.

• Quality Maintenance: Upheld stringent cleaning and sanitation standards, contributing to the club's reputation for excellence.


• Enhanced Kitchen Productivity: Played a pivotal role in improving kitchen operations, directly impacting the club's ability to serve its members efficiently.

• Positive Work Environment: Recognized for strong cleaning and sanitation skills, setting a high standard for kitchen hygiene and safety.

• Adaptability & Teamwork: Demonstrated exceptional adaptability and teamwork, crucial in a dynamic, high-demand sports club setting.

• Service Excellence: Contributed to Five Seasons Family Sports Club's commitment to providing an award-winning fitness and recreation experience through meticulous behind-the-scenes work.

Forest Park Municipal Pool - (2002 - 2004)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Patron Safety Enforcement: Vigilantly monitored swimmers to maintain a safe and secure swimming environment at all times.

• Emergency Response Readiness: Responded promptly to emergencies, providing first aid and CPR to injured or ill patrons.

• Swimming & Safety Instruction: Educated patrons on proper swimming and water safety techniques, enhancing their safety and experience.

• Facility Maintenance: Ensured the lifeguard station remained clean and organized, adhering to all safety and sanitation standards.


• Enhanced Pool Safety: Played a critical role in upholding a safe swimming environment, significantly reducing incidents.

• Emergency Management Excellence: Demonstrated high proficiency in emergency response, ensuring patron safety and well-being.

• Education & Prevention: Contributed to educating the public on water safety, fostering a safer community swimming culture.

• Teamwork & Leadership: Collaborated effectively with team members, showcasing strong teamwork and leadership in managing pool operations and emergency situations.

• Service Recognition: Received consistent positive feedback for exceptional swimming and water safety skills, highlighting commitment to service excellence and public safety.

Powel Crosley Jr. YMCA - (2000 - 2004)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Safety & Supervision: Vigilantly maintained a safe and secure swimming environment, monitoring swimmers to prevent accidents.

• Emergency Response: Delivered prompt and efficient first aid and CPR to injured or ill patrons, showcasing advanced lifesaving skills.

• Swim Instruction: Provided swimming lessons to a diverse range of students, employing individualized approaches and engaging techniques.

• Lesson Plan Development: Created tailored lesson plans, catering to the unique needs and abilities of each student.

• Pool Safety Enhancement: Implemented effective water safety techniques, contributing significantly to a reduction in pool accidents.


• Enhanced Community Safety: Played a crucial role in reducing pool accidents and promoting a culture of safety at the YMCA.

• Skilled Instruction & Education: Elevated the swimming abilities of numerous students, fostering confidence and competence in the water.

• Positive Feedback & Recognition: Received consistent praise for exceptional teaching abilities, communication skills, and a strong commitment to water safety.

• Community Engagement: Strengthened community engagement by providing accessible and enjoyable swimming lessons, encouraging a love for the sport.

• Leadership in Aquatic Safety: Demonstrated leadership and expertise in aquatic safety, setting a high standard for pool operations and swim instruction.

Kleinhenz Brothers Lawn Care - (1995 - 1999)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

• Client Service: Provided comprehensive lawn care services to multiple neighborhood homes, ensuring high-quality results.

• Maintenance & Operations: Managed and maintained lawn care tools and equipment, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

• Customer Satisfaction: Consistently achieved great customer satisfaction through diligent work and attention to detail.


• Entrepreneurial Skills: Demonstrated early entrepreneurial skills by selling and executing lawn care services effectively.

• Client Trust & Loyalty: Built trust and loyalty among clients, contributing to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth.

• Operational Efficiency: Enhanced operational efficiency through effective maintenance and cash flow management, showcasing foundational business acumen.

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