Once again, the consistency of getting these posts out has decreased – this post was started on 6/02…… Hopefully, this post brings some value for you, and hopefully these posts will become more frequent. I’ve still been disciplined about writing, however most of the writing has transitioned to documents for other outlets. More to come. Also, it may be like beating a dead horse, but I’ll try to get a 2020 Reflections post out as well.

Since the last NOW post, many things have changed around here. I’ll do my best to articulate what’s going on and some of what’s coming up. As always, thanks for reading, and please reach out if you think we could have a mutually beneficial discussion.


Our family is growing, so I’m constantly doing my best to adapt to that, be present with those I’m around (in whatever is going on), and do GOOD. We’ve rearranged the whole house with massive organization, and reducing ‘stuff’. We’ve decided to stay in Covington for the next several years and get the kids plugged into a new Montessori school. Then, likely try to get them across the river to a CPS school.


We’ve upped the game on our safety at home by increasing preparedness (plans, fire, exits (equipment), etc), security (gun safes, fire ladders, inspections, smart locks, etc), and exploring and practicing mental and physical resiliancy.


We’ve implemented better habits and tools for recovery/sleep, habits, hygiene, and learning. Things like sound proofing and blackouts in the bedrooms, cleaning/nature/learning schedules, heat reducing bedding, and the like.

Innovation Engineering with Eureka Ranch and the State of Kentucky

I worked with a company called Eureka Ranch to get their Blue Belt Certification program in Innovation Engineering on the approved vendors list for the Kentucky Career Center. I’m still working through the certification and am aiming to finish it this month. Absolute amazing information and work!

KleinHaus, LLC

Dustin Sciara and I partnered together to start a holding (umbrella) company with the mission to relay joy, love, and enrichment. We’re currently making money by performing marketing and consulting services.

KleinHaus Technologies, LLC

Brian Bailey and I have been doing research on decision making and prioritizing. In conjunction to that, we’ve been building a company, digital tool, and research paper. If you have a moment, please fill out our questionnaire to build the data set.

Lean Physique

KleinHaus and my brother Jon Kleinhenz as well as Sunil Ketty have partnered to build out a brand…


I took all my retirement and paid off all outstanding debt except for a consolidated loan that hosts my car and school – planning to pay that off by the end of the year. This was a scary decision to make and very difficult to pull off, but with the government-easing of cashing out retirement accounts because of unnemployment and Covid, it made the most sense to act on. “A penny saved, is a dollar earned.” I finally got off of unnemplyment and have been working hard on these new ventures.


We’ve put VentLife on hold as we weren’t able to secure funding to move the project into final prototyping and testing. It was a great experience with an amazing team, and we’re proud of what we tried and learned. Maybe the patent will be sold in the future, or someone will pick it up to aid with underdeveloped areas of the world.

Elemental CBD

I’m still an affiliate for Elemental CBD and still love their products. If you’d like to learn more, please visit them or ask me. You can get 10% off with the link above, or by using code: jk10

Gym/Studio and Family/Nature Sundays

I got the gym and podcast studio rebuilt and set up again at the house, so I’ve been utilizing those once again to spread some “life, let’s go”. On the first Sunday of each month I schedule Nature Sundays with the Gypsy’s Crew where we try to get into some form of nature (usually with water). On the other Sundays, we host my family in an old tradition of an open door policy hangout with food and drink or get more outside time.

Physical Therapy

I’ve been visiting Anchor Wellness for physical therapy to help me through some pain/mobility issues that have crept up from old injuries and my body compensating for them. They’ve been an amazing guiding hand in getting well.

Doggonit! Finishing the Peru story. It’s already huge (10k words or so), so it might end up being my first book 🙂 .

Habit tracking

I’ve been using the tool Habitica which doubles as an RPG game that you can join a group and go on missions together. It’s a fun way to stay disciplined and accountable.

Same old discipline of healthy habits:

More focus on my teeth and skin

Athletic greens and vitamins

Drumming (switched the set to left handed and have been feeling the creativity)

Working out

Shaving, cold shower, breath work

Journaling, studying stoicism, and studying my mission



Writing 250+ words

Org. work for KleinHaus, Clients/Partners, and Tech

Cleaning 5+ minutes

Weekly disciplined habits

Writing down my fears and how to combat them

Writing down my goals and then scheduling them on the calendar

Watering all the plants

24 hour fast

Hey, thanks for spending time with me! As always, if you think we could have a mutually beneficial conversation, please reach out at any time. Also, I’ve left out certain information included in past NOW posts (like most influencial positive products and books) for 2 reason – 1) to see if anyone reads this far, and 2) beacuse time is precious. If you’d like to get those lists, please let me know – I’m very responsive.

Stay well. Stay powerful.



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