Being part of something bigger than ourselves has a tremendous impact down the line. Some think if it as just being a cog in a machine. Others, think of it as contributing to a positive output. There are plenty of other analogies; where do you stand?

A BigMac

-think about all the people that went into making it. each tomato, pickle, shred of lettuce, sauce (all the ingredients that went into that), burgers (all the animals and other things that go into one), the feed for the animals (where it was grown, where the water was brought from, etc), all the effort that goes into storing these ingredients, spices and their backgrounds, transporting all of these things, the many many many people that it takes to make the machinery that manufactures/stores/transports the food/feed/water etc. It’s mind-boggling and a wonder of human beings.

-a BigMac is pretty daggon tasty. But it’s poison. Almost everyone along the chain of all of these processes described above gets paid shit, don’t care about their jobs, and lack ownership (and maybe even knowledge) of how they fit into the grand scheme of the final product.

A Fine Dining Experience

-think of the simple ingredients that go into a meal at a 4 or 5-star restaurant. Most of these restaurants use local farmers who do small batch quantities with care, attentiveness, and love. They have a passion for the dirt up to the end product. They know how every small thing they do affects the outcome of their product. That translates all the way up the (much much) smaller chain; through the cooks to the chef to the servers and finally to you sitting in your Sunday best.

Knowing, owning, and appreciating the quality in your work translates a long way and makes a positive impact on the world. Let’s take pride in the quality of our work, and ultimately do good for the world.

With love,


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