Last updated (06/06/19)

Inspired by Derek Sivers, I’m writing this page to tell what I’m currently working on.

As opposed to making up new years resolutions, I’m writing this.

So, without further ado, here’s what I’m currently working on (I’ll be updating this at least every year, if not quarterly):

  1. The primary focus is still integrating several aspects of my employer’s divisions into one; training and software renewals with marketing to bring high-value content to the public. This is allowing me to have a sense of working toward my mission while being compensated by my profession. Check us out here and on FaceBook or Instagram.
  2. Still repairing, revitalizing, and nurturing relationships. One of the most important things to me; I damaged many, even though I built a lot, last year. It’s time to refocus on some.
  3. Working on personal power of mind and body, and sharing the information.
  4. Traveling a lot for work, so making the best of it – hiking, sightseeing, and exploring when I can.
  5. Continuing to build the gym at my place to host donation-based workouts, yoga, and meditation classes with my certified personal training family members and friends. FacebookInstagram
  6. Continuing to read and listen to books of all types.
  7. Telling more stories, updating posts, and writing thoughts on the blog.

What are you working on? Anything you might want to collaborate on?

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