Oh, hey there…


I’m Jason.

In an effort to be transparent, tell my stories, and share experiences & knowledge I’m going to write passages in this new blog. The format may change. The medium may change. The content may change. The style may change. Hell, we will all change, but I’ll do my best to keep content coming and 100. Bear with me as I start this journey and navigate this new interwebs medium.

I’m always open to constructive criticism, constant feedback, and sharing ideas. Please feel free to communicate openly with me. Tips/Tricks/Hints are very much appreciated and sought after by me.

Below are common themes you will find throughout the blog:


Defeating Ego

Overcoming Obstacles

Inspiring Myself & Others

Scout Law

Personal Stories

Along with these highlights I’m really interested in:

Powerful Lifestyles-not power games or mongering, Inspirations, People crushing it





Drumming & Music (massive fan of mathematically driven music, avant-garde, djent, metal, but also punk/ska, grunge, classic rock, some classical, hip hop, edm

Rugby (and many other sports)

Experts in their field


Fulfillment over Achievement

Nature and Exploring

Traveling and New Experiences

Unorthodox relationships


Neuroscience/Medicine/Science (especially Biomedical Engineering)


Tech and Toys


Effectiveness and Efficiency

If you’ve made it this far I thank you. You can find me on all the social media with the same name, and please check back for updates.

Stay well,





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